Incarnate (2016) No Spoiler Review

While searching for a demon from his past, a scientist (Aaron Eckhart) who kills demons by entering a victim's subconscious is asked to save a child from a powerful entity.

The Eye (2008) No Spoiler Review

After blind successful violinist Sydney Wells (Jessica Wells), receives an eye transplant, she begins to see ghosts, shadow figures, and mysterious visions.

The Pope’s Exorcist (2023) No Spoiler Review

In 1987, Father Amorth (Russell Crowe) is assigned a case that will force him to overcome his past in order to save a family from a powerful demon.

The Devil’s Candy (2015) No Spoiler Review

After his family moves into a new home, Jesse (Ethan Embry) hears demonic whispering while a former resident hears the same whispering telling him to kill.

Deadware (2021) No Spoiler Review

When two friends catch up over a video call, they learn another mutual friend's disappearance may be tied to a mysterious point-and-click horror game.

Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013) No Spoiler Review

Picking up where Insidious left off, the Lamberts must figure out what followed Josh out of the Further and how to survive the new threat without Elise.

Jason X (2001) No Spoiler Review

After being cryogenically frozen in 2010, Jason is accidentally awoken in 2465 aboard a space ship where he continues his murderous rampage

Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday No Spoiler Review

Upon returning to Crystal Lake, Jason is immediately killed but his spirit continues to hunt for a special victim that will allow him to be reborn

Devil’s Island (2021) No Spoiler Review

After inheriting her grandparent's home on a small island, Samantha discovers they may be something evil trying to scare her away.

Friday the 13th 8: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989) No Spoiler Review

Jason returns to wreak havoc on Manhattan in New York City... sort of. Meanwhile, a graduating class must survive Jason hunting them on a boat.

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