Deadstream (2022) No Spoiler Review

An Average Movie-Goer’s Review

No spoilers! If you would like spoilers – check out the Spoiler post

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I love horror movies and if I’m going to watch them anyway, why not write an entertaining/funny review from the POV of an average movie-goer and not a professional critic.

Today we’re looking at the Shudder original, Deadstream

A disgraced streamer who is afraid of everything plans a big return with a livestream investigation into a supposedly haunted house.

Is Deadstream Scary?

Deadstream has some pretty good jump scares and ghoul designs. As it’s a comedy as well, it does a great job balancing that horror and comedy so while you’ll jump, you’ll also laugh. There is some light gore and a few disgusting scenes though so you might be recoiling a bit at some scenes.

In the end the comedy reduces the scares and you won’t leave the movie terrified at all but you’ll still enjoy the entire thing… unless you’re a streamer going to check out a haunted house.


Deadstream is great. It’s extremely well-acted and pretty much a one-man show with Joseph Winter playing a self-absorbed YouTube star who perfectly encapsulates that over-the-top personality.

The dialogue and jokes work throughout the entire movie and it balances the comedy with the seriousness of the situation almost perfectly. The story was well-paced with no wasted scenes.

The monster/ghoul designs are extremely well-done and it all appears to be practical effects but they’re not perfect. They’re the type of effects where if you look at it too long you can tell they’re fake and the director knows this so you’re never in that position. Deadstream had a serious look and feel akin to the Evil Dead series and that’s an extremely good thing.

There’s maybe one negative thing I can think of during the movie and it has to do with some backstory for a character. While the backstory is there and makes sense it feels slightly oddly placed and wasn’t entirely effective.

Overall I highly recommend giving Deadstream a watch, it’s easily one of my favorite horror movies of the year.


Stuff to Ignore

Rotten Tomatoes – 91%

Metacritic – 67

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