Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981) No Spoiler Review

An Average Movie-Goer’s Review

No spoilers! If you would like spoilers – check out the Spoiler post

I love horror movies and if I’m going to watch them anyway, why not write an entertaining/funny review from the POV of an average movie-goer and not a professional critic.

Today we’re looking at 1981’s Friday the 13th Part 2

5 years after the events of Friday the 13th, a group of counselors head to Crystal Lake where they’re stalked by a new killer

Is Friday the 13th Part 2 Scary?

Friday the 13th Part 2 has some effective jump scares, they don’t happen a lot but when they do, they will get you. There are also some gruesome kills that can be kind of gory, you won’t see a pool of blood but you’ll see someone’s neck sliced open.

In the end, you’ll leave Friday the 13th Part 2 afraid of camps and windows so move to an underground bunker.


Friday the 13th Part 2 is pretty good for what it is. If you’re expecting to see anything else besides a slasher film from the 80s you’re going to have a bad time. There are no hidden meanings, no grand design, and no secret twists, it’s just one guy killing a bunch of young adults.

Acting and dialogue are alright. Story is extremely easy to follow and it has some pretty good jump scares sprinkled throughout. I was surprised that the characters actually felt like real people instead of some cardboard cutouts of characters destined to die so that was a plus. On the negative side, I would say there isn’t a lot happening for a large portion of the movie but luckily it’s not boring.

Overall if you’re looking for a slasher film to watch to pass the time, you can’t go wrong with Friday the 13th Part 2.


Stuff to Ignore

Rotten Tomatoes – 29%

Metacritic – 26

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